DEPT. OF CULTURE is a Non-Profit artist driven fashion brand. DEPT. OF CULTURE commissions artists to create original works which are then curated into capsule collections.

DEPT. OF CULTURE created two unique programs:

Artist’s in Residence are a carefully curated group of artisans who are commissioned by DEPT. OF CULTURE to create innovative and relevant pieces for each capsule collection.

Installation Artist’s program supports artists who will make a positive and impactful change within our community by creating original site-specific art installations.

Funds generated from each collection directly sponsor unique and meaningful art installations. DEPT. OF CULTURE’s most recent charitable Installation dramatically transformed The Rise School, a pre-school for developmentally challenged children. 




Artist collaborative streetwear.

Founding Principles

  1. Commit to the highest quality artistry and materials.

  2. Collaborate and support innovative artists.

  3. Curate limited edition collections.

  4. Fund community based art installations.

Creative Director

DEPT. OF CULTURE's Lisa Jennings, Creative Director, Founder and Philanthropic Advocate for Creative Spaces spent 20 years in New York exploring dance, technology, art and fashion. Jennings provides artists an alternative canvas through her innovative design platform. Awaiting DEPT. OF CULTURE’S non-profit 501c3 Status, Jennings continues to create capsule collections which directly contribute to necessary funds for original art installations.